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We've rounded up a topnotch cast of local, state and national expert presenters including Allison Bailes, John Straub, William Turner and many, many more. This not too big, yet not too small conference provides valuable opportunities for you to sit side by side with these leaders in the industry—in fact we foster a casual comfortable conference experience where everyone is a friend. Check out our presenters' credentials and the sessions they will present below.

Last name: A - E  ·  F - J  ·  K - O  ·  P - T  ·  U - Z

A - E

Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson, Residential Science Resources, LLC

Ross Anderson has more than 10 years of experience in the building industry as a new construction and remodeling project manager. He has managed projects of all sizes ranging from small residential remodel projects to medium sized commercial projects. Ross serves on the Education committee of MN Greenstar and has presented at the Duluth Energy Design Conference, the Builders Association of the Twin Cities (MN), and the Rochester Area Builders Association (MN). He has had a key role in designing and training for the Nicor Gas and Commonwealth-Edison joint-sponsored Residential New Construction Program in the Greater Chicago area.

Ross is presenting:

Energy Star version 3.0 made easy
Wed, Dec 11  ·  10:15–11:30 am  ·  Love B room

Allison Bailes III

Allison Bailes III, Energy Vanguard

Allison Bailes writes the Energy Vanguard Blog in which he covers everything from building science fundamentals to HVAC particulars to big-picture topics like energy security and peak oil. He also authors a weekly column at Green Building Advisor and a monthly column for ACCA's home performance newsletter for contractors. Additionally, Dr. Bailes has a PhD in physics, many years of teaching experience and ran a home performance contracting business.

Allison is presenting:

Become a building enclosure control freak
Wed, Dec 11  ·  8:30–9:45 am  ·  Main Stage in the expo room

The evolving building science behind R-value
Wed, Dec 11  ·  2:45–4 pm  ·  Balmoral Ballroom

Will Baker

Will Baker, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Will is responsible for managing MEEA's residential energy efficiency programs, including Illinois Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and HVAC SAVE. He is passionate about urban sustainability and energy access issues. Will has a BA in Economics & International Relations from Michigan State University and an MPA in International Energy Management and Policy from Columbia University.

Will is presenting:

Time to vent: HVAC experts on energy efficiency opportunities
Wed, Dec 11  ·  10:15–11:30 am  ·  Midway auditorium room

Eric Barton

Eric Barton, Biltmore Insulated Concrete, Inc.

Eric Barton is a 27-year veteran of the construction industry and founder of Biltmore Insulated Concrete, Inc., a company that provides high performance insulated concrete forms and green building technology for both residential and light commercial projects. Previously, Eric served as senior project manager for a Chicagoland developer, where he managed the development and construction of townhomes, semi-custom homes, and custom designed homes.

A proponent of building science, Eric recently completed the Passive House Consultant Training in Urbana. He has been involved with the Passive House movement since 2007. Eric has been designated a graduate master builder by the National Association of Home Builders.

Eric is presenting:

Passive house assemblies for cold climates: case study and other examples
Wed, Dec 11  ·  1–2:15 pm  ·  Love A room

Tom Bassett-Dilley

Tom Bassett-Dilley, AIA, Tom Bassett-Dilley Architect Ltd.

Tom Bassett-Dilley has designed numerous new and remodeled energy-efficient buildings. He is a Certified Passive House Consultant, president of Passive House Alliance Chicago and speaks widely on Passive House, green preservation and residential design.

Tom is presenting:

Passive house assemblies for cold climates: case study and other examples
Wed, Dec 11  ·  1–2:15 pm  ·  Love A room

Laureen Blissard

Laureen Blissard, AIA, ALA, NCARB, LEED AP HOMES, GreenBuilder Coalition

Laureen has built a successful 24-year+ practice in the design and construction of buildings, homes, and interiors. She is a licensed architect, RESnet Energy Rater, LEED AP in multiple LEED products, USGBC LEED® Faculty™, Greenstar Professional, and LEED for Homes Green Rater. Additionally, Laureen serves as Technical Director for the Green Builder® Coalition.

Laureen is presenting:

Rapid-fire case studies from the 2013 GreenBuilt Home Tour
Wed, Dec 11  ·  1–2:15 pm  ·  Balmoral Ballroom

Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown, Energy Diagnostics, Inc.

Matthew has been involved in the code compliance and code creation field since 2004 and has been teaching classes on the energy codes in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan since 2009. He has extensive knowledge of each state's energy code, building codes and amendments. In 2010 Mathew became a Certified HERS Rater and ICC certified residential energy specialist, then in 2012 he became a Quality Assured Professional technical trainer for HVAC contractors.

Matthew is presenting:

Pathways to compliance with the 2012 IECC
Wed, Dec 11  ·  2:45–4 pm  ·  Midway auditorium room

Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown, CNT Energy

Nathan provides energy efficiency services for owners of multifamily buildings. He has been involved in every phase of steam system retrofits, from on-site assessments, to performing utility bill analysis and building energy modeling, to arranging project financing, and engaging with staff from rebate incentive programs. Additionally, Nathan managed the data collection in multifamily for a project assessing the technical potential for energy retrofits in the Chicago market.

Nathan is presenting:

Energy efficient retrofit solutions for two-pipe steam systems in multifamily buildings
Wed, Dec 11  ·  1–2:15 pm  ·  Midway auditorium room


David Buss, Connor Company

David installed his first geothermal system in 1980 in his own home and hundreds of systems throughout Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri as an HVAC contractor. He was involved in the design of geothermal systems for schools, churches, office buildings, medical facilities, apartment complexes, and assisted living facilities as a Certified Geothermal Designer through IGSHPA and AEE.

David is presenting:

Variable speed geothermal technology: the best of the best
Tue, Dec 10  ·  4:15–5:30 pm  ·  Demo Area 3 room

Isaac Elnecave

Isaac Elnecave, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Isaac has spent 15 years as both an engineer and energy policy analyst and currently is the Senior Policy Manager at the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) focusing on the building energy codes program. Over the last three years, Isaac has promoted the adoption and effective implementation of building energy codes through the development and dissemination of technical and policy related information. Moreover, he has been actively involved in the development of utility programs centered on improving code compliance.

Isaac is presenting:

General session
Tue, Dec 10  ·  1–2 pm  ·  Main Stage in the expo room

F - J

Kevin Farrell

Kevin Farrell, Conservation Services Group

Kevin Farrell oversees training for CSG's program staff and trade allies, as well as corporate learning and development training for managers and employees. He is known for his wit and engaging delivery style and has earned global recognition with a Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award for Best Innovation in Learning Technology. He holds an MBA from Suffolk University.

Kevin is presenting:

Proactive transactions: sales and service training for energy efficiency professionals
Tue, Dec 10  ·  4:15–5:30 pm  ·  Love A room

Ana Garcia Doyle

Ana Garcia Doyle, Green Homeowner and Community Sustainability Programs Lead

Ana is a leader in Oak Park School District 97's Green Teams and helps implement zero waste programs. She has a vested interest in sustainable schools as well as green communities and is a lead organizer of the annual One Earth Film Festival. In 2012, Ana's 94-year-old home underwent a green rehab that included installation of geothermal and greywater systems. The home is LEED registered.

Ana is presenting:

Rapid-fire case studies from the 2013 GreenBuilt Home Tour
Wed, Dec 11  ·  1–2:15 pm  ·  Balmoral Ballroom

Steve Gardner

Steve Gardner, Building and Fire Code Academy

Steve was a mechanical design professional for more than twenty years and has been a building inspector since 2004. Steve's responsibilities as a Building and Plans Examiner include verifying plans for compliance with the mechanical and energy conservation code.

Steve is presenting:

2012 IECC effects on light commercial ventilation equipment
Tue, Dec 10  ·  4:15–5:30 pm  ·  Metro Place room

Time to vent: HVAC experts on energy efficiency opportunities
Wed, Dec 11  ·  10:15–11:30 am  ·  Midway auditorium room

Tim Hanes

Tim Hanes, ESI, Inc.

Tim has been working in the energy efficiency world for the past 14 years. As a RESNET certified rater, Tim specializes in the whole house approach to energy efficiency. He consults with industry professionals on field testing and analysis of HVAC systems. Tim is a certified geothermal installer and a member of the Iowa Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSPA). He is a trainer for National Comfort Institute and frequently speaks at energy efficiency related conferences and events around the country.

Tim is presenting:

Time to vent: HVAC experts on energy efficiency opportunities
Wed, Dec 11  ·  10:15–11:30 am  ·  Midway auditorium room

Thomas Harris

Thomas Harris, Henkel Corporation

Tom has more than 30 years of experience in the window and door industry. He has been a sales and service manager for window, door and skylights and a window and door installation contractor. Tom is an InstallationMasters™ instructor and installation trainer for the OSI WINTeQ window and door flashing systems.

Thomas is presenting:

Sealant concepts for window and door flashing applications
Tue, Dec 10  ·  4:15–5:30 pm  ·  Demo Area 1 room

Sealant concepts for window and door flashing applications
Wed, Dec 11  ·  1–2:15 pm  ·  Demo Area 1 room

Timothy Heppner

Timothy Heppner, EcoTelligent Design

Tim has a diverse background in sustainability. Among his many activities, he is Director of Education for Building Science Institute; Manufacturing Director for ELFI Wall System; designer/builder of Charles Heppner Artist Studio, one of the most environmentally friendly homes in the City of Chicago; and Managing Consultant for Chicagoland Green Homes Guideline, a self-rating system.

Timothy is presenting:

Rapid-fire case studies from the 2013 GreenBuilt Home Tour
Wed, Dec 11  ·  1–2:15 pm  ·  Balmoral Ballroom

Ryan Hoger

Ryan Hoger, LEED AP, Temperature Equipment Corporation

Ryan R. Hoger, LEED AP, has extensive experience with building automation systems (BAS), energy recovery ventilators (ERV), variable refrigerant flow (VRF), demand controlled ventilation (DCV), and other energy conserving HVAC systems. He was the 2007-08 president of the Illinois ASHRAE Chapter and is actively involved with several ASHRAE and gas/electric utility committees.

Ryan is presenting:

Energy recovery ventilation (ERV) in residential and commercial buildings
Tue, Dec 10  ·  2:30–3:45 pm  ·  Love B room

Illinois energy code for residential HVAC
Wed, Dec 11  ·  8:30–9:45 am  ·  Love B room

Don Hynek

Don Hynek, MPA, Chen Properties

Don Hynek has been researching energy efficiency in apartment and condo buildings for much of the last two decades. Current interests include methods for measuring infiltration and air transfer in large residential buildings and its role in conveying moisture and indoor pollutants, computerized analysis and modeling of residential buildings, and energy efficiency and carbon emissions modeling.

Don is presenting:

How is multifamily building air leakage different from single family homes?
Wed, Dec 11  ·  2:45–4 pm  ·  Love B room

Kevin Johnston

Kevin Johnston, Conservation Services Group

Kevin Johnston is a program manager for the Ameren Illinois ActOnEnergy® residential energy efficiency programs. He manages two programs designed to reduce therm and kilowatt-hour usage. The programs promote the replacement of inefficient gas and electric HVAC equipment and the reduction of energy usage in multifamily facilities. Kevin studied HVAC/R technology at Pennco Tech Institute and ERG Training Center in New Jersey. He is a BPI-certified Building Analyst and Envelope Professional, as well as NATE certified in seven categories.

Kevin is presenting:

Inverter technology: a new generation of heat pumps
Wed, Dec 11  ·  1–2:15 pm  ·  Love B room

K - O

Nathan Kipnis

Nathan Kipnis, AIA, LEED AP, Kipnis Architecture + Planning

Nathan's firm is recognized as one of Chicago's premier green and sustainable architectural practices. Work includes a modern, net zero home in Chicago, the first LEED Platinum home on the North Shore of Chicago, and the design of an eco-camp in West Virginia. Nathan has been honored with numerous awards for both new and historic renovation work.

Nathan is presenting:

Rapid-fire case studies from the 2013 GreenBuilt Home Tour
Wed, Dec 11  ·  1–2:15 pm  ·  Balmoral Ballroom

Joe Konopacki

Joe Konopacki, Insight Property Services, Inc.

Joe Konopacki has more than 20 years of experience with property construction, remodeling, maintenance and management. He is an Illinois-licensed Home Inspector and has inspected a wide range of homes and multi-unit buildings in the Chicago area. Joe is a certified Building Analyst and Envelope Professional through the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and a HERS Rater through the Residential Energy Survey Network (RESNET). He has worked with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to provide BPI training in Illinois and established Insight as a BPI training affiliate. Joe has presented on building science topics at industry conferences, for professional groups and homeowners.

Joe is presenting:

Combusion safety testing
Tue, Dec 10  ·  4:15–5:30 pm  ·  Balmoral Ballroom

Duct testing and sealing demonstration
Wed, Dec 11  ·  10:15–11:30 am  ·  Metro Place room

Navigating energy efficiency programs and certifications
Wed, Dec 11  ·  2:45–4 pm  ·  Main Stage in the expo room

Scott Krone

Scott Krone, Coda Design+Build

Coda Design + Build is a real estate development, architectural and construction management firm in Wilmette, Illinois. They work on a range of projects from single family homes to award winning mixed use developments and industrial conversions. Recently, Coda Design + Build has focused on acquiring distressed properties and converting them into performing assets through forced appreciation.

Scott is presenting:

Rapid-fire case studies from the 2013 GreenBuilt Home Tour
Wed, Dec 11  ·  1–2:15 pm  ·  Balmoral Ballroom

Jason LaFleur

Jason LaFleur, LEED AP Homes, Alliance for Environmental Sustainability

Jason LaFleur directs education programs and helps project teams throughout the upper Midwest build third-party verified green homes that meet LEED and ENERGY STAR standards. Additionally, he chairs the US Green Building Council (USGBC) Illinois chapter's Residential Green Building committee. Jason speaks frequently on residential green building, and was the 2010 recipient of the USGBC Illinois chapter's "Green Speak" Award.

Jason is presenting:

Rapid-fire case studies from the 2013 GreenBuilt Home Tour
Wed, Dec 11  ·  1–2:15 pm  ·  Balmoral Ballroom

Chris Laumer-Giddens

Chris Laumer-Giddens, LG Squared, Inc.

Chris provides design and consulting services for new and existing single- and multi-family homes throughout North America. He maintains a blog dedicated to best practices of building science, construction, architecture, and HVAC system design and installation. Chris is a registered NCARB certified architect, Building Science Consultant and Educator, Residential HVAC Designer, Home Energy (HERS) Rater, ENERGY STAR Rater, EarthCraft House Technical Advisor, and LEED AP.

Chris is presenting:

The role and viability of third-party residential HVAC design, and the path to performance
Tue, Dec 10  ·  2:30–3:45 pm  ·  Love A room

Corbett Lunsford

Corbett Lunsford, Green Dream Group, LLC

Corbett Lunsford founded the Green Dream Group's Building Performance Workshop (a BPI Testing Center) and hosts the Building Performance Podcast. He authored Home Performance Diagnostics: the Guide to Advanced Testing, developed the curriculum for the Chicago Southland EPA Brownfields Job Training Program and performed hundreds of comprehensive home performance analyses. Corbett is Executive Director of the Illinois Association of Energy Raters and Home Performance Professionals.

Corbett is presenting:

Multifamily blower door best practices and innovations
Wed, Dec 11  ·  10:15–11:30 am  ·  Demo Area 2 room

Navigating energy efficiency programs and certifications
Wed, Dec 11  ·  2:45–4 pm  ·  Main Stage in the expo room

Grace Lunsford

Grace Lunsford, Green Dream Group, LLC

Grace Lunsford is the powerhouse behind Green Dream Group's public relations and video production. As the company's owner, she is focused on improving the quality of new and existing buildings in Chicago through independent, scientific building diagnostics, and in making the city a better place for people in all living situations and all income brackets. Grace presents on business development, branding and marketing, and is an advocate within the national screen actors community. She is also a board member for SAG/AFTRA, the executive producer for Sterling Rock Productions and the founder of the Chicago Acting in Film Meetup.

Grace is presenting:

Video marketing for home performance: hands on YouTube workshop
Tue, Dec 10  ·  2:30–3:45 pm  ·  Metro Place room


Chris McCabe, Nexant, Inc.

Chris collaborates with marketing, outreach, and program and trade ally management professionals to deliver innovative ideas for engaging the small commercial/industrial market segment. He conducts outreach, manages the trade ally network and plans pilot projects for utility energy efficiency programs implemented by Nexant in Illinois.

Chris is presenting:

Breaking into the small commercial/industrial market segment
Wed, Dec 11  ·  10:15–11:30 am  ·  Love A room


Quintin McGrath, Green homeowner

Quintin owns the DOE Challenge home in StreetScape's development in Libertyville, IL. He has a background in electronic engineering. Quintin and his wife had built a number of homes in South Africa, and were keen to apply some of their thinking on light and energy conservation to their new home in Libertyville.

Quintin is presenting:

Rapid-fire case studies from the 2013 GreenBuilt Home Tour
Wed, Dec 11  ·  1–2:15 pm  ·  Balmoral Ballroom

Joe Medosch

Joe Medosch, Retrotec Inc.

Joe is a comfort consultant and trainer. He provides courses on duct and envelope tightness, the IECC Energy Code and energy efficient building principles to Georgia building officials and contractors. Joe developed and is implementing the new energy management curriculum for use in the Technical College System of Georgia. He is a former energy manager at University of Georgia, Tifton campus and energy management instructor at Moultrie Technical College in Tifton Georgia.

Joe is presenting:

Wifi enabled pressure gauges: test faster and smarter and have your results verified over the internet
Tue, Dec 10  ·  2:30–3:45 pm  ·  Demo Area 2 room

Multifamily blower door best practices and innovations
Wed, Dec 11  ·  10:15–11:30 am  ·  Demo Area 2 room

Wifi enabled pressure gauges: test faster and smarter and have your results verified over the internet
Wed, Dec 11  ·  2:45–4 pm  ·  Demo Area 2 room

Joe Nagan

Joe Nagan, Home Building Technology Services

Joe provides design evaluations, construction management and building failure analysis. He is certified in residential mechanical ventilation design and installation and advanced building science. Joe provides support and training as the technical director for the Focus on Energy New Homes Program.

Joe is presenting:

Ventilation product and control options
Wed, Dec 11  ·  8:30–9:45 am  ·  Metro Place room

P - T

Bob Pfeiffer

Bob Pfeiffer, WECC

Bob Pfeiffer is a BPI proctor for BA, EP, and WHALCI. He is a production-based trainer and training developer. Bob has been involved in all phases of the retrofit industry since 1976, including work with the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program and the Low-Income Weatherization Program. His field work infuses his classroom sessions with practical tips and real world experiences.

Bob is presenting:

Air sealing beyond the attic
Tue, Dec 10  ·  2:30–3:45 pm  ·  Balmoral Ballroom

Scott Pigg

Scott Pigg, Energy Center of Wisconsin

Scott is a principal researcher at the Energy Center of Wisconsin. He has 25 years of hands-on experience researching energy use in homes and buildings. Scott has initiated and conducted major studies combining energy use characteristics of housing with data on attitudes and behavior of homeowners, tenants and landlords. He was the Assistant Project Director for the recently-completed national evaluation of the Weatherization Assistance Program and was responsible for implementing several field studies measuring the impact of the program.

Scott is presenting:

General session
Tue, Dec 10  ·  1–2 pm  ·  Main Stage in the expo room

John Porterfield

John Porterfield, eZing, Inc.

John Porterfield has extensive building science experience. As vice president of eZing, Inc, John offers independent guidance on best practices and energy performance testing. He also serves as an owner representative during installation, specification and energy auditing. John is on the editorial advisory board of Home Energy Magazine, a subject matter expert for the test instrument for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory Energy Auditor Certification. John is author of How to House Doctor, the first systematic guide to use blower door and infrared imaging to detect and correct building energy efficiency defects.

John is presenting:

How is multifamily building air leakage different from single family homes?
Wed, Dec 11  ·  2:45–4 pm  ·  Love B room

Jason Ransby-Sporn

Jason Ransby-Sporn, CNT Energy

Jason manages a team of analysts who provide free building energy assessments as part of the Energy Savers Program. His responsibilities include identifying the most cost-effective efficiency measures, overseeing construction, and ensuring quality control. Jason works one-on-one with building owners to put together a custom financing package for retrofit work which may include low-cost loans, utility rebates, and grant support.

Jason is presenting:

Deep energy savings in multifamily buildings
Wed, Dec 11  ·  8:30–9:45 am  ·  Balmoral Ballroom


Robert Schildgen, Priority Energy

Robert Schildgen has a strong background in residential construction. He is RENET and BPI certified and has audited well over a million square feet of residential space in addition to theaters, day care centers, schools, churches and commercial buildings. Priority Energy was the BPI Quality Assurance team for the City of Rockford's home retrofit initiative sponsored by the Illinois Department of Energy and ARRA. Robert was also one of the consultants to the EPA in formulating Energy Star 3.0 guidelines and has trained and certified countless auditors and builders.

Robert is presenting:

Ventilation: sizing and installation for IECC 2012
Tue, Dec 10  ·  4:15–5:30 pm  ·  Love B room

Total system efficiency
Wed, Dec 11  ·  2:45–4 pm  ·  Love A room

Bill Semitekol

Bill Semitekol, ACCA Illinois State Chapter

Bill has managed all the operations of Duo-Temp, Inc. including strategy development, P & L accountability for back-office operations, field technicians, customer service, accounting, recruitment and training. Bill directed a staff of administrative and sales representatives and field technicians in both the service and installation departments. He is currently the executive director of the ACCA Illinois State chapter and is a licensed home inspector in the state of Illinois.

Bill is presenting:

Time to vent: HVAC experts on energy efficiency opportunities
Wed, Dec 11  ·  10:15–11:30 am  ·  Midway auditorium room

Dale Sherman

Dale Sherman, EnergyWright

Dale has been involved with measuring and understanding energy use in buildings for more than 25 years. He applies his diverse experiences, in electronics, hang gliding and skiing instruction, and weatherization research and development, to create energy education tools for school and college classrooms, science education centers, and energy training centers. Dale developed the interactive instrumentation used in the New York State Weatherization Directors Association Training Center state-of-the-art pressure house.

Dale is presenting:

Enhancing the learning environment for visual learners
Wed, Dec 11  ·  8:30–9:45 am  ·  Midway auditorium room

John Straube

John Straube, Building Science Consulting, Inc.

John is an educator, researcher, consultant and expert witness on energy efficiency, durability and IAQ. He has been involved in the preparation of design and construction guides for numerous organizations, and has published dozens of technical papers in academic peer-reviewed conferences and journals as well as trade journals and magazines.

John is presenting:

High performance mechanical systems for light commercial buildings
Tue, Dec 10  ·  2:30–3:45 pm  ·  Main Stage in the expo room

Mechanical systems for low-load housing
Tue, Dec 10  ·  4:15–5:30 pm  ·  Main Stage in the expo room

William Turner

William Turner, Turner Building Science and Design, LLC

Bill Turner has a proven track record in successfully training building industry professionals on indoor air quality and energy efficiency in the construction and/or renovation of homes and other facilities. Bill focuses on building science and sustainability issues including indoor air quality, moisture, building shell design, net-zero buildings, building commissioning, and forensic evaluations.

William is presenting:

New construction details that make the difference
Tue, Dec 10  ·  2:30–3:45 pm  ·  Midway auditorium room

U - Z

Benjamin Van Horne

Benjamin Van Horne, Greenline Homes, LLC

Benjamin has more than 14 years of experience building energy efficient homes in the city of Chicago. He specializes in infill development of affordable residences on the city's South Side. Benjamin is a Certified Green Professional and a LEED GA, and he is member of the Southside Builders Association and the USGBC - Illinois Chapter.

Benjamin is presenting:

Rapid-fire case studies from the 2013 GreenBuilt Home Tour
Wed, Dec 11  ·  1–2:15 pm  ·  Balmoral Ballroom

Mark Wahl

Mark Wahl, Cobblestone Homes

Mark Wahl co-founded Cobblestone Homes in 2003, a residential home building company in the Saginaw Bay region of Michigan. Throughout the years, Mark and Cobblestone have received national, state and local awards and recognition. They built a certified American Lung Association Health Home; the region's first certified Green-Built Michigan Home; Michigan's first Net-Zero Energy home (for the median price of a new home) and one of the few homes in Michigan to earn the prestigious LEED Gold Home Certification.

Mark is presenting:

General session
Tue, Dec 10  ·  1–2 pm  ·  Main Stage in the expo room

Brandon Weiss

Brandon Weiss, Weiss Building & Development LLC

Brandon is a LEED-AP, BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional, Graduate Master Builder and Master Certified Green Professional. He focuses on building high-performing quality homes using advanced building science techniques. Weiss Building and Development was named the 2012 Northern Illinois Builder of The Year by The Northern Illinois Home Builders Association.

Brandon is presenting:

Passive house assemblies for cold climates: case study and other examples
Wed, Dec 11  ·  1–2:15 pm  ·  Love A room

James Wells

James Wells, Tremco Barrier Solutions

James Wells, PhD's work focuses on moisture control and energy performance in roofing, insulation, building envelope, waterproofing and common construction practices. His roles at Owens-Corning, Koch Materials and Tremco Barrier Solutions provided him with diverse opportunities to develop both a theoretical understanding of building science and practical understanding of the performance of building systems. He is a graduate of the Purdue School of Aeronautics, Astronautics and Engineering Sciences. In addition, he received his PhD and taught engineering at Purdue University and received multiple recognitions for teaching excellence.

James is presenting:

Understanding moisture dynamics in residential construction
Wed, Dec 11  ·  10:15–11:30 am  ·  Balmoral Ballroom

Kenneth Wiedenfeld

Kenneth Wiedenfeld, Architectural Testing

Ken has been involved with window and door products for more than thirty years. His experience includes sales and service with manufacturers covering several central states as well as a product sales trainer responsible for organizing and delivering seminars across the United States. Ken is an InstallationMasters™ certified instructor.

Kenneth is presenting:

Window and door installation practices
Tue, Dec 10  ·  2:30–3:45 pm  ·  Demo Area 1 room

Window and door installation practices
Wed, Dec 11  ·  8:30–9:45 am  ·  Demo Area 1 room

Keith Williams

Keith Williams, Building Services and Consultant, LLC

Keith is a certified Home Performance specialist, certified Building Performance Institute building analyst and shell specialist, Residential Energy Services Network-certified energy rater and carbon monoxide analyst, and a licensed rental unit energy efficiency compliance inspector in Wisconsin. He provides residential energy related home performance consulting services and gives classroom and in-field, hands-on training in building diagnostics and improvements.

Keith is presenting:

Insulating and air sealing best practices
Wed, Dec 11  ·  1–2:15 pm  ·  Metro Place room

Peter Yost

Peter Yost, BuildingGreen, Inc.

Peter has been building, researching, teaching, writing, and consulting on high performance homes for more than twenty-five years. His expertise ranges from construction waste management and advanced framing to energy efficiency and building durability. In addition to his responsibilities as technical director at GreenBuildingAdvisor.com, Peter is an instructor for the Boston Architectural College's Sustainable Design Certificate program and an adjunct faculty member of the University of Massachusetts Department of Building Materials and Wood Technology program in Amherst.

Peter is presenting:

Spray foam insulation: what to use, when, and how
Wed, Dec 11  ·  8:30–9:45 am  ·  Love A room

Insulation and air sealing for new construction: achievable, reasonable high performance
Wed, Dec 11  ·  1–2:15 pm  ·  Main Stage in the expo room

General session
Tue, Dec 10  ·  1–2 pm  ·  Main Stage in the expo room

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