City Guides

Chicago is a lovely city to visit and stay. If you have just arrived in Chicago or are planning to visit the city, then here are the city guides that will be helpful.

Weekend travel or vacation

Chicago is not as glamorous as New York, and it doesn’t have the Hollywood touch of Los Angeles. Still, this city attracts lots of visitors every year. They come here to see the architecture, parks, and more. There are various cultural centres and historical sites that visitors can enjoy.

Hotels and restaurants

As lots are visitors come to Chicago every year, the hotel and restaurant businesses are very successful here. You can find some fine restaurants to dine with your family and beloved one. As Chicago is a multicultural city, you will find the menus of your favourite good.

Things to do

There are many things to do in Chicago. You can visit the museums, parks, lake, etc. You will find different things to do here including walking, cycling, and various sports activities.


The communities in Chicago are very close. There are lots of good schools, shops, markets, health care, transports, and more.

By reading this blog regularly, you will learn what goes on in the neighbourhood every day in Chicago. You will stay up to date with any new events occurring or businesses opening up in the city.