5 reasons why Chicago has the best sports fans

Chicago is often called the sports town of US. People of Chicago are sports lovers. So, being a Chicago sports fan will give a different feeling. Chicago sports fans are the best sports fans in the world. Here are the reasons why.

They never give up on their teams

Some Chicago teams win more games than the others. Even if people’s favourite team loses games, the fans don’t give up on their teams. They don’t switch teams; they stay with their old team.

They will go to the games even in adverse weather conditions

The Chicago sports fans are not affected by the weather. No matter what the weather of the town is, the sports fan in Chicago will take the pain to go to the stadium to watch the match. The stadiums are always packed despite the weather.

They know how to celebrate

They will cross miles just to see their favourite team take the winning trophy. They support their team all the way, both at good and bad times. They will do anything to cheer up their team. After a team wins, they even participate in a rally on the street to celebrate.

Favourable atmosphere

The atmosphere in Chicago is just great for any sport. When you walk through downtown, you will see people wearing Bulls, Hawks, and other team outfits.

Rich sports history

Chicago’s love for sports dates back to many years. The Bulls were the top team in the NBA during the 90s. They are one of the best teams NBA has seen. The White Sox has a history of being a great baseball team.

People of Chicago are crazy fans of sports. They can do anything to support their favourite team. So, Chicago undoubtedly has the best sports fans in the world.